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Investment in e-commerce has probably suffered more than any other sector from the general loss of confidence engendered by the Stock Market downturn of the last two years. Nevertheless, more people than ever are accessing the net and they are the people who count in economic terms. Over 50% of the population of all of the G7.countries regularly accesses the internet. These tend to be the higher socio-economic groups, those who have the highest incomes, and therefore the greatest spending power. The truly phenomenal aspect of the internet is that it offers a channel through which all kinds of new and traditional goods and services can be marketed globally at a far lower cost than was previously thought possible.

The internet provides a platform from which a message can be sent to the whole world instantly. It is imperative that the message received is not “We do not know what we are doing!” Websites which worked well in the past are now suffering from neglect - links that lead nowhere, out-dated content giving misleading information, validation routines which reject legitimate customer data thus losing orders. The list of highly embarrassing and, in many cases, damaging blunders which have caused corporate misery grows daily. If you get it wrong on the web, there is no hope of hiding it. Those people who don’t see it for themselves will read the story, which the press is bound to report gleefully if not entirely accurately.

The benefits of the internet can only be enjoyed by those businesses who have total confidence in the ability of their systems to perform as required. Comprehensive testing prior to implementation and on-going health checks will ensure this. The focus needs to be on both functional and performance testing.

It is the intention of e-testQA to educate our clients that the cost, in both money and time to undertake comprehensive testing, is relatively small, when compared with the cost of failure.




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